SANWAH has been successful because we Plan The Work and then We Work The Plan – every minute detail of it.

Step 1: It all starts with examining and ensuring that all planning requirements are satisfied. After the architect draws up the concept plans according to your parameters and budget, we will process and file the necessary applications for you with the relevant authorities.

Step 2: We will assist you in obtaining building control approvals. This is necessary to ensure that your building complies with the latest building regulations.

Step 3: We will fine-tune the project with detailed plans, drawings and technical specifications.
SANWAH is committed to full project and site management for every project and implements a thorough, structured approach to building works with the right management in place to supply a seamless construction service.

To facilitate smooth operations, every project that we undertake will be handled by a qualified and experienced team consisting of:

  1. Project/Construction Manager.
  2. Engineer/Project Coordinators.
  3. Contracts Personnel.
  4. Full Support from Head Office on Administration and Finance Matters.
Our detailed work plan will take into account all major components of the project such as:

  1. Budget.
  2. Target completion date.
  3. Key milestones.
  4. Procurement plans.
  5. Contingencies.
  6. Health and safety.
  7. Other necessary elements.
SANWAH provides full design-and-build services for all kinds of structural works, from conceptualizing to initial building plans to building construction.

Our structural works projects include clients from both the public and private sector.

We are able to commence works at short notice because we are resourceful, committed and we have very strong working relationships with all the external partners that are involved in our projects. This tightly-knit and dynamic ecosystem gives us an edge over conventional construction companies.
SANWAH is supported by a very strong network of professional architects and professionals who have been in the business for over five decades; and we can work with you 3 different ways:

  1. We can refer you to a professional architect in Singapore that we know and trust.
  2. We offer a complete design-and-build service, working with professional architects that we trust.
  3. We will also be glad to work with and support an architect of your choice.