SANWAH has in-depth expertise in the following domains:

  1. Design-and-Build Construction Projects.
  2. Conventional and Turn-key Building Construction Works.
  3. Project and Construction Management for Building Projects (Singapore & Asia Pacific Region).
  4. Design and Budgetary Proposal for Industrial/Commercial Buildings (Land Bids/Procurement).
  5. Design and Budgetary Proposal for Assets Upgrading for Industrial/Commercial Buildings.

From industrial warehouses to tertiary institutions; from condominiums to five-star hotels; SANWAH sets a very high standard for design-and-build construction.

We know that in our line of work, every project that we work on becomes the reference for our next project.  We know that we are only as good as the last project we delivered and that is why we cannot afford to let our standards slide.  And that is why we put our heart and soul into every project that clients entrust into our hands.

We have formed strong alliances with architects, surveyors, civil engineers and trade specialists, which has enabled us to become the first stop and only stop for our clients.  We have everything you need to design and construct that perfectly optimized building.