SPI*N System

SPI*N is an innovation by SANWAH to dramatically improve productivity and safety for the installation of concrete precast panels.

Our proprietary design consists of vital features such as:

  1. High Levels of Flexibility: The SPI*N System can be easily incorporated on all commonly-used forklifts with minimal or zero modifications.
  2. More Accurate Positioning: The SPI*N System allows the precast panels to be moved or revolved easily for more accurate positioning of the panels which makes the installation much easier.
  3. It Slides When Needed: The SPI*N System allows operators to slide the panels left or right for better fit without the need to involve the forklift.
  4. Zero Slippage: During lifting or transportation of the precast panel, the SPI*N System secures the panel with an R-Pin on the 2 probe to prevent slippage.
  5. Injury Prevention: In the event that the precast panel is dislodged or breaks into 2 pieces, one segment will still be supported by the 2 probe while the other will rest on the main body of SPI*N System which ensures that they will not fall and cause injuries or damage.
  6. No Toppling: Instead of the installer having to manoeuvre and manage multiple on-going processes (i.e. machinery movement, installation process, stability of machine, etc), the SPI*N System lets the installer focus on the positioning and insertion process on the scissor lift without the fear of the MEWP toppling which increases productivity and safety levels significantly.

We have proudly obtained the design protection rights for the SPI*N safety precast installer in CLASS 25, SUB-CLASS 01.