The Brand Position is our statement of strategic intent and it guides our every thought and action.

How Asia Designs & Constructs Building.
Our Vision defines the future that we want to create and while it is a very lofty ambition, we believe that it is a goal that is worthy of our pursuit.
  1. Product: We focus on the core business of building construction.
  2. Process: We research, identify & capitalize on emerging market trends.
  3. People: We create a safe and healthy environment for talents to grow.
Our Mission defines how we will realize our Vision through the things that we do every day in terms of Product, Process and People.
Precision Design & Build.
Our Category defines the space that the Sanwah brand operates in and we are a precision design-and-build company through and through.
Perfectly Optimized Buildings.
Our Value Proposition defines the No. 1 benefit that we bring to our clients. Of course, Sanwah has always, and will always, bring multiple benefits to our clients but “Perfectly Optimized Buildings” is the biggest benefit that we bring to the table.
  1. Passion: We love the art and the science of building construction.
  2. Precision: We pay attention to every detail of every project.
  3. Perfection: We deliver exactly what we promise our clients.
Our Brand Values define the 3 most important values to us that we live by, and these are the values that we seek to inculcate and develop in all our team members.