SANWAH is a Singapore precision design-and-build company with a name inspired by the Chinese phrase “3 Chinese Persons”. [三華] The WAH in the name also signifies the founders’ names – Woo, Anthony and Ho. 

Since its establishment in 2012, SANWAH has delivered over 30 projects worth more than S$150 million, most of them for independent industrialists. 

The company aspires to become the standard by which Asia designs and constructs buildings. 

To realize this vision, SANWAH will concentrate on its mission of:

  1. Focusing on the core business of building construction;
  2. Researching, identifying and capitalizing on new market trends in building construction; and
  3. Creating a safe and healthy environment for talents to grow.

Our clients already have a thousand-and-one thing to worry about and the last thing they need is more headaches.  We ensure that our clients always end up with perfectly optimized buildings through a painstaking 3-step process that includes:

  1. Analysing the client’s process flow to enhance operational efficiency.
  2. Designing buildings that are optimized according to project parameters and limitations.
  3. Constructing the building precisely according to the approved blueprint and perspective drawings.

In all that we do, we are guided by our brand values of:

  1. Passion: We love the art and the science of building construction.
  2. Precision: We pay attention to every detail of every project.
  3. Perfection: We deliver exactly what we promise our clients.

If you have a new project, be it industrial, residential or commercial, and whether it is in Singapore or another ASEAN country, please allow us to share how SANWAH can help you achieve your project objectives.  And if you are a building professional seeking an opportunity to take your career to new heights, we would also love to hear from you.

SANWAH CONSTRUCTION is BCA registered GB1: General Builder (Class 1); CW01 – B1 (General Construction), CW02 - C3 (Civil) and CR01 (Minor Construction Works).

SANWAH CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD work on both design and build, build only, and project management contracts with a clear focus on partnering, health and safety, quality finishes and sustainability. Our expertise lies in construction, development of commercial and residential projects and public-private partnerships.

Our projects are able to attain a high standard due to the following:
  • We are able to provide turn-key construction and building solutions, having formed strong alliances with architects, surveyors, civil engineers and trade specialists.
  • We are committed to full project and site management for every project. We implement a thorough, structured approach to building works with the right management in place to supply a seamless construction service.
  • With our insights on Building Design and Construction Methodology, we are able to provide practical and economical solutions for Projects of our Clients and Project Owners.
If you are looking for a building contractor or project management consultant, then get in touch with us at +65 6694 1629 or email us at today.
SANWAH PROJECT MANAGEMENT works on project and construction management for local and overseas projects. With the track record of more than four years of project and construction management for commercial, industrial and residential projects in Singapore - SANWAH PROJECT MANAGEMENT also brings the renowned “Singapore Management Standards” to the oversea emerging markets in CAMBODIA, VIETNAM and LAO People’s Democratic Republic since 2014. SANWAH PROJECT MANAGEMENT is able to establish clear focus on partnering with consultants of other Asean regions, incorporating health and safety aspects into the regional projects and achieving timely completion to the quality developments.
SANWAH PROJECT OVERSEAS is the first oversea office set up by SANWAH in 2015. Its office in the city center of Cambodia’s Capital – Phnom Penh works on both design and build, build only, and project management contracts for SANWAH regional projects. Partnering top-notch regional consultants in providing an extensive construction related services and to manage and deliver SANWAH projects in the emerging Indo-Asia market.
SWHL develops and builds premises that provides construction related services as well as construction related production services. Its latest development @7 Tuas South Street 10 Singapore 637096 sits in the heart of the emerging Singapore Tuas South area that is minutes away from the upcoming Tuas Terminal/ Tuas Mega Port.